Video Editing Course in Jaipur

We know, you are searching for an institute for the Best Video Editing Course in Jaipur to become a professional video editor, then Training Jaipur Institute is the best place to start your career in this field. Our course is designed to allow you to use your abilities and develop a strong portfolio through real-world projects. We have video editing modules from basics to advanced levels, with skill-based training, periodic guidance, and assessment from industry experts, making our training methodology even more useful.  

Our live recorded video lectures allow you to learn at your convenience and pace. You can watch the well-curated sessions based on your schedule and attend lessons using a mobile phone or any device. We provide training on the following video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and EDIUS editing software. 

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    96 Hours Of Learning

    3 Months
    (14 Weeks)

    32 Hours Of Revision

    Lifetime Support

    Hands On Live Projects

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    Why Training Jaipur Institute ?

    • Free demo sessions.
    • Get hands on live projects.
    • 10+ year experienced Faculty.
    • Regular as well as weekend batches are available.
    • Teaching conducted by practical and theoretical classes.
    • Job oriented training module.
    •  Revision class available.
    • 100% Job placement Assistance.
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    After video editing Course Scope

    There are many jobs available after the video editing course in which students would be able to work as

    Career Options Are:

    Video Editor : A professional responsible for assembling, editing, and manipulating video footage to create a coherent and engaging final product. They work in various industries, including film, television, advertising, and corporate settings.

    Film Editor : Specializes in editing footage for films, ensuring continuity, pacing, and storytelling coherence. Collaborates closely with directors and other creative professionals to bring the filmmaker’s vision to life.

    VFX Editor : Works with visual effects (VFX) artists to integrate computer-generated imagery (CGI) seamlessly into live-action footage. Responsible for syncing VFX with the overall edit and maintaining visual consistency.

    Short Video Editor : Focuses on creating concise and impactful videos, often for social media platforms or other online channels. Requires a keen understanding of storytelling within a limited timeframe.

    Advertising Video Editor : Specializes in editing videos for advertising purposes, creating compelling and persuasive content that aligns with the brand’s messaging and marketing goals.

    Color Grading Editor : Enhances the visual appeal of videos by adjusting and manipulating colors to achieve a desired mood or tone. Works to ensure consistency and coherence in color throughout the entire video.

    Television Show Editor : Edits footage for television programs, maintaining continuity, pacing, and adhering to the specific requirements of the television industry.

    Corporate Video Editor : Creates videos for corporate communication, training, and promotional purposes. Focuses on delivering a professional and polished final product that aligns with the company’s brand.

    Freelancer in Video Editing : A self-employed professional who offers video editing services on a project-by-project basis. Often works with a variety of clients and projects across different industries.

    What Our Trainees Say About Us?

    Very good teachers and fully experienced. If you are looking for a best video editing institute in jaipur , then my opinion would be that you must join this institute because all the experienced teachers will teach you here.


    I recently completed a course at the Institute of Video editing , and I must say it was an outstanding experience from start to finish. This institute has truly transformed my skills. I can confidently say that my time at this institute has been a game-changer for me. Highly recommended to all students who are looking for the Best Video editing institute in Jaipur .


    Outstanding Video Editing class! Learned a lot! Very knowledgeable teacher. There’s environment are so peacefully and all people are so friendly and helpful. Guy’s it’s very amazing institute for Video Editing courses in Jaipur so don’t be late come and join as.


    What does our Video Editing Course include?

    Adobe Premiere Pro

    Are you looking for video editing? Well, we have the solution for you. The Adobe Premiere course at Training Jaipur would teach students how to design edited footage for Televisions and Films, add video transitions, import audio and video files, video rendering and playback settings, modify and fine-tune transitions, export frames, clips, and sequences and much more. In this course, you will get a basic knowledge of interface tools, production flow, and features for Adobe Premium Pro. This course further demonstrated you introduce the functionality of Adobe Premiere Pro Software along with the applications of non-linear video editing. Join it today!

    Adobe After Effects

    Adobe After Effects is used almost everywhere for digital post-production of television, corporate presentations, films, and web animations. This VFX Adobe After Effects Course offers a wide range of 2D as well as 3D tools used for motion graphics and VFX projects. It is ideal for video editing professionals, motion graphics & visual effects artists, and even for graphics & web designers. Students will learn the foundation skills needed to create exciting visual effects and motion graphics.

    The primary objective of this course is to build up both tangible and visual skills to make creative editing so that students develop visual observations with the help of the camera, lighting, drawings, etc. The prominent goal of Adobe After Effects is to enhance and uplift technical skills along with artistic skills so that it helps you master this field. The entire course is further composed of both technical and artistic aspects to unite the images created on the computer screen and also provide deep knowledge about the live footage in visual effects.

    Adobe After Effects Course will cover important topics like starting with the use of the interface, using layers, keyframes, masking, and media management. You will also get an opportunity to explore the depth of this tool, inclusive of 3D effects and rendering your project for output.

    DaVinci Resolve

    DaVinci Resolve is a professional video editing tool known for its advanced colour correction, video editing, and audio post-production features. The software offers a non-linear video editing system with a wide range of editing tools, including advanced trimming, multi-cam editing, and a robust timeline. DaVinci Resolve includes Fusion, a node-based visual effects compositing tool. Fusion allows users to create complex visual effects and motion graphics directly within the application. It features Fairlight, a high-end audio post-production module, that provides tools for mixing, mastering, and editing audio tracks.

    DaVinci Resolve is widely used in the film and television industry, as well as by independent filmmakers, video editors, and content creators due to its powerful features and versatility across various aspects of post-production.


    EDIUS is a professional video editing software that allows users to edit videos in real-time without the need for rendering. It supports various formats, including SD, HD, 4K, and HDR, and offers features like multi-cam editing, colour correction, and audio mixing. It’s popular among professionals for its speed and versatility. EDIUS supports the latest recording formats, cameras and codecs natively. This allows the simultaneous processing of several layers of 4K material in real-time, including colour correction and additional filters.

    Online Classes For Video Editing Course

    If you don’t have time according to our batch or are not able to come to our institute. Don’t worry about this because Training Jaipur also provides an online video editing course. Before joining our video editing course you don’t need prior experience because We start teaching our course from basic to advanced. our comprehensive program provides you with expert faculty guidance, hands-on projects, and flexible learning.
    We will teach you online on the following video editing software Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, and EDIUS editing software.   

    After completing the online video editing training you will get a certificate which will help you in finding a good job. We can connect online through various platforms like Google Meet, zoom, teams, etc which are easily available and accessible, and the timing of the batches are flexible and can be conducted at your convenience. Placement sessions will also be provided after completing the course. Enquire now.

    Frequently Asked Questions…

    • Video Editor
    • Film Editor 
    • VFX Editor
    • Short Video Editor 
    • Advertising Video Editor
    • Color Grading Editor
    • Television Show Editor
    • Corporate Video Editor
    • Freelancer in Video Editing

    No prior experience is required to join in our video editing course. Our program is designed to cater to beginners as well as those with some prior knowledge. Our expert faculty will guide you through the basics and progressively advance your skills to a professional level.

    Yes, we offer job placement assistance and career support services to our students. Our team assists with resume building, portfolio development, and job search strategies. We also collaborate with industry partners to provide internship opportunities and connect our graduates with potential employers.

    Yes, you will have access to course materials, recordings of lectures, and supplementary resources even after completing the course. We believe in providing ongoing support to our students to help them continue their learning journey and reference materials as needed.