How COVID-19 Badly affects Education Sector in India


How COVID-19 Badly affects Education Sector in India

As we all know that Coronavirus pandemic has significantly disrupted various sectors in India including automobiles, aviation, retail, and many more. Hardly a sector would remain unaffected because of this crisis. Well, the education sector is one of the major sectors, as the crises impact badly on it. The blog presents the impact of coronavirus on the education sector in India along with some possible solutions.

We all are aware due to the coronavirus pandemic, the state government across the country started to shut down schools as well as colleges. Well as per as the current situation in the country, there is uncertainty for the reopening of schools and colleges. No doubt, this is the most prominent time for the education sector as entrance tests of various universities across India and competitive exams are held during this time period. Well shutting down of all the schools, colleges leads to far-reaching economical and societal consequences. Well due to the pandemic and closedown of educational institutes, it is estimated that 600 million learners are highly affected across the world.

Some measures should be taken by Educational Institutes to fight against COVID-19

  • Closed schools and colleges
  • Postponed or rescheduled the examinations
  • Sanitisation of the premises
  • Conducting Online Classes

Well now lets discuss, What is the Impact and concern on Education sector during COVID-19

As we discussed above, all the major exams including engineering, law, medical, government exams are postponed. Well, we can say that this situation is an alarming bell for the private sector universities. In addition to this, some faculties and employees may suffer from salary reductions, bonuses, and increments.

The lockdown has generated high uncertainty over the exam pattern cycle. It may result in a slowdown of student’s internship and placements. Well, lower fees collection is a huge concern for managing the working capital. Furthermore, another primary concern is student counselling operations are also affected. Several Institutes may not be recruiting faculties hiring plans, which results in average quality and low excellence in education.

Well, Technology plays a crucial role in the entire lockdown period which include online study and Work From Home(WFH). In India, some private schools and colleges adopt online teaching practices for the students. On the other hand, low income private schools and the government schools may not able to implement these online teaching methods. As a result, there will be completely shut down due to no access to the e-learning program and solutions.

Along with it, higher education sectors are also disrupted which directly impacts the Country’s economic future. Well, the Students from India took admission in the various Foreign Countries which include the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, etc but because of the global pandemic these all nations are highly affected. In the long run, we can conclude that there will be a straight decline in the demand for International higher education also.

Employment is another major concern for the students to be worried about. Students who have completed their graduation may be worried about the withdrawal of their job offers as the corporate sector is cutting down their employment rate.