Happy Teacher Day! How Impactful a teacher is for every Student


Happy Teacher Day! How Impactful a teacher is for every Student

Teacher’s day is celebrated on the 5th of September across the country in the remembrance of our Former President, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. This day is celebrated as his birthday but he kept on saying to his students:

“It would me more privilege to me if you celebrated it as Teachers day instead of my birthday”

He is the firm believer in the wealth of knowledge. He highly beliefs were gaining more and more knowledge and implement it to his students. Some of his famous quotations are as:

“Teachers should be the best mind of our Country”

As stated in his quote, schools should have the best teachers because the young and energetic minds are the bright future of every country. According to him, a teacher is not only delivering sufficient knowledge along with skills but also, has to be responsible for the long term accountability of student’s personal development and growth.

Most students already know which teacher is best for their growth and overall development. A good teacher emphasizes and focuses on the core concepts rather than cramming what’s written in the books. In addition to this, a good teacher is significantly judged based on their overall student performance. 

“Teachers play a crucial role in a student’s life. They mould and shape a kind of personality that impacts lastly on students. Therefore, it is very much important to have a good teacher.”

Teacher’s footprints are everlasting as they share their knowledge along with wisdom. Some of those who won’t make a powerful impact on students minds just because they were average in terms of teaching or didn’t take initiative to interact with their students much.

Several studies have been conducted on different students for years directly based on their average scores. Some of the conclusions are:

“A good and knowledgeable teacher not only helps to improve student’s marks but enhances them, motivates them to achieve greatness and success in their life”, according to a new survey.

Although one thing is so clear, which is nearly or I would say mostly, all students meet at least one influential, a motivational teacher in their lives that significantly makes a powerful impact on their mind and their soul. Such teachers make a strong and powerful impression that would remain as a long-lasting. 

In other words, all students deserve knowledge, so a good and proficient teacher helps to clear the fundamentals and doubts so that there would be no difficulty in learning and growing. It further helps students, to get a better understanding of education as well as an optimistic approach to achieve great heights in their lives and career.


This blog is to honour all the teachers celebrating teacher’s day around the country for their continuous hard work, their guidance, their support and their motivation in providing the education to the generations -School teachers, college teachers, and parents, who are considered as the first teacher in our human society for years.