C++ programming

C++ Programming Jaipur

C++ is the extension of C language and considered as a general-purpose object-oriented programming language. Furthermore, it is also known as a superset of C programming language. C++ is an object-oriented programming language and incorporates all the features offered by C. C++ is also considered as an intermediate level language. In addition to this, C++ is the collection of various predefined classes, which are considered as a data type. Gradually, it has evolved and despite the popularity of other programming languages like C# and Java, C, C++ holds its own as one of the most widely used languages for scripting. In applications, C++ is ubiquitous.

C++ is used in finance, video games, high-performance embedded and real-time systems, transportation, manufacture, and other industries where determinism and precision are important.

Real world Application of C++


C++ supports the complexities of 3D games, optimizes resource management and helps multiplayer with networking. The language is extremely fast, allows procedural programming for CPU intensive functions and provides greater control over the hardware.

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    Graphic Used Interface(GUI) based Application-

    Many highly used applications, such as Image Ready, Adobe Premier, Photoshop and Illustrator, are scripted in C++.

    Advanced computation and graphics-

    C++ supports to build various applications which include high- performance image processing, mobile sensor and helps in building real- time physical simulations. Maya 3D software, used for integrated 3D modeling, visual effects and animation, is coded in C++.

    Operating system-

    C++ forms an integral part of many of the prevalent operating systems including Apple’s OS X and various versions of Microsoft Windows, and the erstwhile Symbian mobile OS..

    Database software-

    C++ and C have been used for scripting MySQL, one of the most popular database management software. The software helps in builds the base of a variety of database-based companies, which include Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, and YouTube, etc.

    Mechanical and Engineering Applications-

    Some of the advanced equipment used in medicine such as MRI machine used software which is scripted on the C++ language. It is also part of engineering applications, such as high-end CAD/CAM systems.