India should stop the brain drain

“People inspire you or they drain you. Pick them wisely”-  Hans Frodi Hansen

What is the meaning of the word ‘brain drain’? Well, In the simplest form we can say the emigration of highly educated and qualified people from their particular country to the other country is known as brain drain. A few years ago, a survey has been conducted and the outcome of the survey is that, 38% of scientists and 12% of doctors in the U.S are Indians. If that is not sufficient to examine India’s prowess, some of the other outcomes in the field of corporate are that, 34% of employees are at Microsoft, 28% are at IBM, 20% are at Intel and 12% at Google are Indians. When a particular country becomes a chief exporter of highly qualified academic talent, then the situation of brain drain takes place.

So what are the main reasons that people leave their Country after qualification and to settle abroad? What are the significant consequences of such immigration?

Well, Some of the primary reasons for the Brain Drain are:

  • Presence of Advanced technologies in other countries, people are seeking for a better job and good salaries.
  • Lack of educational infrastructure might be the other reason.
  • One strong reason may be the political instability in their origin country. They lose confidence over Government and prospect for their better life.

Millions of Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers graduated every year but no good jobs were being generated and as a result, the entrepreneur has left the country in order to set their business abroad. In addition to this, the process of immigration is majorly observed from developing countries to developed countries. So the immigration harms the origin country in two ways, Firstly, a gradual decrease in technical expertise and secondly, it damages the country’s economy.

Some of the possible solutions which will beneficial or helpful of converting brain drain into brain gain may be as:

  • Instability in the political sector must be avoided. Better governance might make the youngster believe in their government policies and assure them good career opportunities.
  • The government must provide high wages to the skilled and qualified person.
  • Providing the best facilities and best educational infrastructure will prevent the migration of scholars from their home country.
  • Favourable taxation for young entrepreneurs will not only stop the problem of brain drain but also gradually increase employment in the entire nation.

Furthermore, the brain drain has deep-rooted in their origin nation. Well, the most prominent key is to simply emphasize the evolving skills in the workforce with the help of the right training programs which automatically impacts positively in strengthening the country’s human capital. With, the presence of better human capital, India will Indeed reaching at the new levels of inclusive growth along with sustainable development.

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